The Village Hall On Wheels

Several years ago at our Church Annual General Meeting, we were asked to split into groups to discuss ideas for evangelism and outreach.  When we reconvened to feedback what had been discussed, there were many ideas for activities to take into Market Drayton and the surrounding villages.  At this point one of the church members suggested that all of the ideas could be linked through using a bus as a literal ‘vehicle’ by which the communities could be reached.  A little while later we discovered that the local Parish Church had a similar idea, so we took this as confirmation for the vision of having a bus for outreach.

In 2011 a Volvo double decker was purchased from a company in Accrington and work began on creating the ‘village hall on wheels’ as on church member described it.  Whilst it took longer than expected ‘The Bus’ as it is called has been converted to have a general seating area upstairs and a kitchen area downstairs.  Its first trip out was to the 2016 Market Drayton 10k Run and the Local Festival of Transport, where many of the public came on board to see what it was all about.  It is hoped that it will start to be used on a more regular basis for taking the love of Christ into the local community…

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